Sperm Quality Gets Affected In Diabetic People

Men might encounter issues with poor sperm count that can cause conceiving problems, which is quite serious of all. Diabetic men are more likely to suffer from infertility issues, but it shouldn’t be the end of the world for them.

In this article, we will discuss on how diabetic men can improve their sperm health and enjoy a blissful sex life with their partners.

Relationship with Diabetes and Infertility

The reasons to link diabetes with male infertility can vary from person to the other. It is a condition, where the pancreas cells are not able to produce enough insulin. This in turn, increases the sugar levels in the body. Excess sugar levels in the body can have a direct impact on the sperm leading to infertility.

Some of the other symptoms that can be related to diabetes include loss of libido levels, fatigue, and erectile dysfunction. Men might often feel depressed and might withdraw themselves from indulging into sexual activities with their partners, thereby causing a rift in the relationship.

Talking about these problems with the doctor can help people suffering from diabetes. Doctors might be able to suggest certain medications or therapy that can help men retain their sexual stamina and virility. Exercising such as kegeling can also help men get better control over their erections.

De-stressing Can Help Improve Fertility Levels

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Stress and other mental issues, whether personal or professional can be the major culprits when it comes to poor sperm health in men. In such situations, yoga or any other meditation techniques can help you to clam your nerves. It will make you feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

Couples who are busy with their hectic work schedules and do not find time to spend with their partners, can plan on some exotic vacation and rekindle their love life. This will surely bring a positive change in your relationship and make it stronger.

Similarly lifestyle modification in regard to quit smoking and alcohol consumption can help in improving the sperm count and motility in men. Maintaining a healthy diet rich through fruits and vegetables can help to improve the overall functioning of the body and mind.

Prevention Possibilities on Infertility

There is a very famous saying “Prevention is better than Cure”. This rule can be applied for diabetic men too. Men, who tend to keep the infertility and other sexual issues at bay, might need to control their glucose level.

Similarly diabetic people might also need to keep in check their cholesterol levels and blood pressure within the slab mentioned by their doctors. Nowadays this medical problem has become quite common amongst youngsters. Issues in regard to broken or fragmented DNA can also cause miscarriages in couples.

Infertility amongst diabetic people can be tackled, provided such people accept the fact. There are certain counselling sessions that can help men get back their confidence and boosts their self esteem levels.

Regular checkups with doctors can help to control further damage to the sperm and increase the chances of conception amongst couples.

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