Improve Your Sperm Count And Lead A Healthy Sexual Life

Infertility is a very embarrassing and a touchy topic for some men. It becomes even more difficult to discuss, if you are suffering from this condition. If couples don’t discuss about such a situation, then it can ruin your relationship.

Infertility Can be Treated

It is definitely not the end of the world, when you come to know that you are suffering from infertility and are unable to impregnate your partner. Communication plays an important role here, so talk to your partner and doctor.

The medical professional will conduct some test, go over you medical history and recommend the treatment that will help you to overcome such a medical condition. In addition to these medicines, you might even have to make some changes in your lifestyle and stick to a healthy diet plan that will boost your sperm motility.

Foods that Can Improve Sperm Count

Eating healthy fruits and vegetables can help you in improving the motility of the sperm. Many fruits and vegetables contain aphrodisiac properties that can help to improve the libido levels. Lean meat contains high amount of zinc that helps in the production of testosterone in your body.

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Chocolates and garlic contain L-Arginine and ginseng improves the blood circulation and pumps it to the other part of the sex organs. Some of the food plays a vital role in increasing the sperm count and improves the quality of the semen.

Oysters contain zinc that can help in improving the damaged sperm. Fish is rich in Omega 3 fatty acid that can have a positive effect on male fertility. Walnuts too can help in improving the sperm count and at the same time reduces the cholesterol and controls the occurrence of heart diseases.

Tips to Improve Sperm Count

Below are a few tips that can help to improve your sperm count and can make you more fertile.

Exercise on a regular basis. It keeps your body fit and fine, and also improves the blood circulation. It helps you in maintaining a proper body weight and keeps you active. Bear in mind not to exert yourself too much and stick to a basic exercise routine.

Choose to wear loose undergarments that do not stick to your body. This helps in proper air circulation and also keeps away bacteria and other yeast infections. You can even use vitamin supplements as prescribed by your doctor if you suffer from any such deficiencies.

Aim at improving your lifestyle. This includes keeping away from cigarettes and alcohol. In order to be on the safer side, you might even want to undergo regular checkups with your doctors so that there are no complications in regard to your sexual life in the future.

You might even need to consider the environmental factors responsible for low sperm count in men. Avoid storing food in plastic containers. Instead you can make use of utensils or aluminium foils. Boil water, before you drink it. Chlorinated tap water may contain harmful chemicals that can cause damage to the sperm.

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