Low Sperm Count In Men Needs Awareness And Proper Treatment

The topic of infertility is quite sensitive and has different reactions by the partners. You are very much in love with her and feel refreshed whenever you are with her. After couple of years of happily married life, you and your partner both decide to take it to the next level. You try and try, but yet waiting for the good news from her.

After many unsuccessful attempts, you tend to blame her for the situation. You are very health conscious and regularly visit gym for take care of your diet. There is of course, no issue with you. This is a wrong assumption. It is commonly assumed that the problem has to be with her and she needs medical help. Common guys, it is not correct. The problem can be with you as well, so let your doctor to diagnose the same.

Physiological Impact

In the male dominant society, it is always women who are blamed for everything and anything. Such an attitude needs to be changed, drastically. Guys, what she will do, if your sperms are incapable to do so. For many men, accepting such a fact is quite a challenging task. Many of them strongly deny accepting the fact that their sperm count is low and incapable to impregnate their partner.

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Increasing the sperm count is not a challenging task, any more. Don’t ignore the issues like erection dysfunction and premature ejaculation, as they can be the culprits. Retrograde ejaculation is another concern, where the semen is pushed back into the bladder, instead of ejaculating.

Such things can be caused due to several reasons like smoking, consumption of alcohol, stress, unhealthy eating habits, obesity, diabetics, and many others. All these are controllable factors, and needs you to take proper care and precaution. It can impact the sperm count, its shape, and life span.

In such a case, your sperms are incapable to float in and combine with her fertile eggs. Sometimes redness of the testicles in the scrotum area can heat it and kills it, much before its production. It is quite necessary to consult your doctor and check the exact reason for the problem.

Based on the severity of the issue, your doctor might recommend you either pills, antibiotics, hormonal treatments, or others to cure it completely. A healthy lifestyle will be an added advantage to this situation and will make you more fertile. Increasing the sperm count will need time and conscious efforts.

Your partner is your best companion, so talk to her about the issue. She will surely understand the issue and will help you. Your doctor will diagnose if the issue is hereditary, which will need different treatment altogether.

Relevance of Exercises:

There are many health related benefits associated with exercises. Sometimes in excitement, men tend to overdo it, which might impact your sperm count production and its count. Moderate exercises will help you in coping with such a situation. It will help you in controlling your weight, reduce stress, and will improve the functionality of your body organs.

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