7 Things You Can Do To Keep Your Sperm Healthy

Looking to keep your sperm healthy? Well, there are numerous ways to ensure that. Sperm plays a significant role in reproduction hence there is a need to ensure that you produce high-quality sperm at any given moment during your reproductive age. The following are the seven things to do to keep your sperm healthy;

Wearing loose-fitting underwear

According to numerous scientific studies, men who usually put on loose-fitting underwear such as boxers are more likely to maintain the quality of their sperm. This is because loose-fitting underwear is less likely to affect the sperm DNA adversely.

Tight underwear, on the other hand, is associated with many cases of DNA fragmentation, which lowers the quality of semen a man produces. Therefore, if you are looking to keep your sperm healthy in preparedness for having children, you should always consider wearing loose-fitting underwear.

Regular but moderate exercising

Exercising is an ideal way of keeping yourself healthy all the time. Besides, exercises help in increasing the levels of testosterone hormone in your body. Testosterone hormone is one of the essential sex hormones you need during the production of sperm.

Therefore, you will need to get out of your comfort zone and keep your body busy through regular exercises. Conversely, you will have to choose your exercises carefully since some can be harmful to you if you are looking to maintain the quality of your sperm as they would cause the depletion of sex hormones.

Opting for glass rather than plastic

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Plastics contain phthalates, which can be detrimental to male fertility. When a man gets exposed to this group of chemicals, he may get his fertility compromised, which can be a disadvantage to him during reproduction.

A particular study focusing on Fertility and Sterility found out that it took men who were exposed to phthalates 20% longer to get their female partners pregnant as compared to those men who weren’t exposed to phthalates at all.

Quitting smoking

Many men smoke for fun, which tends to turn into an addiction. By smoking, you tend to subject yourself to oxidative stress. This, subsequently damages your sperm making it difficult to reproduce. Moreover, smoking is capable of changing your sperm shape and size. Therefore, it is time you steer clear of smoking regardless of how good it makes you feel. Your sperm quality should be your priority when looking to have children.

Reducing stress

It is understandable that at times, you can’t control what you are going through. Challenges may get you stressed out so much that sleeping may become a problem. The best way to reduce stress is by spending time with your friends or loved ones or indulging in refreshing indoor or outdoor activities.

You can also visit a therapist for guidance on how to combat stress. Stress can be harmful to sperm production as it can adversely affect the adrenal glands, which play a significant role in sperm production.

Minimizing exposure to UV filters

UV filters are usually found in sunscreen. They include BP-2 and 4OH-BP. When a man gets exposed to these filters, he reduces his fertility rate by approximately 30%. Therefore, you should try as much as possible to avoid using the UV filters when it is time to make a baby.

Avoiding fast foods

Typically, consuming fast foods can adversely affect your fertility. This is because fast foods are not usually recognized by the body thereby prompting it to apply the nutrients stored in it to help process them. When your body uses the nutrients already stored in it to process the fast foods, you are unlikely to have healthy sperms since the nutrients wouldn’t be available for sperm production.

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