Swallowing Semen – Getting Into The Woman’s World

Do you ever engage in oral sex with your female partner? What does she do with the cum? Do you ever wonder why she behaves the way she does with your ejaculate? In this article, we help you get into the woman’s world. We help you understand why she swallows your semen, and if she doesn’t; what her reasons are.

Note that some women find pleasure in swallowing it as they consider it erotic, while others find this behavior unappealing. Some women don’t mind the oral sex and their partner releasing the ejaculate inside their mouth. They prefer to spit it out rather than swallow. On the other hand, a good number will even puke or feel nauseated just with the thought of swallowing semen. Ultimately, what your partner chooses to do with your ejaculate is entirely a personal thing.

Now, let’s assume that your partner trusts you enough. This is something you may have to establish first. Let us also assume that you and she are sufficiently experimental and love to explore the world of sex. You have been wondering how to bring about the conversation of swallowing semen as you think it’s cool and it will make your sexual encounters more pleasurable and adventurous. Understanding why semen is good for her will help you convince her to swallow semen. However, if you realize that she is not interested, don’t push it.

First things first;

Is eating semen healthy or rather safe? Unless the semen has STI in it, receiving semen into her mouth and swallowing it is safe. As such, make sure that you are free of any STIs before encouraging your partner to swallow it. If you suspect that you have one of the sexually transmitted infections, make sure that your partner doesn’t interact with your semen – even vaginally.

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Now, why does your female partner swallow semen? Look at the following responses received from a couple of women who were interviewed by ELITE DAILY.

  1. Some women swallow semen just to appear polite. According to them, they would feel offended if a guy rushed to the bathroom to cleanse his mouth after going down on her.
  2. Another believes that swallowing the semen of her partner makes him feel special. As such, she always swallows it irrespective of how it tastes.
  3. Others have learned about the antidepressant properties present in semen and have bought into it.
  4. One of the women admitted that she swallows it not because she enjoys it, but because her partner loves it.
  5. Some women swallow the cum because they just don’t know where to spit it. Crazy world, huh!
  6. A woman who is knowledgeable about the contents of semen said that she swallows the semen because zinc is good for her teeth. By the way, semen contains a significant amount of zinc which is also good for slowing down the aging process of your skin and the muscles.

How can you make it easy for your partner? One of the things that you can do is to enhance the taste, smell and consistency of your semen. Consider the following tips:

  1. Smoke less or quit altogether. Cigarette smoking is known to give semen a funky taste
  2. Avoid too much coffee, garlic, and onion as they give semen a bitter taste. Also, too much red meat and dairy makes the semen taste salty.
  3. Drink lots of water as it helps flush toxins out of your body
  4. Eat foods that improve the taste of semen such as pineapple, melons, mango, papaya, and vegetables (keep high-sulfur vegetables such as broccoli and cabbages at bay). Parsley and celery will do your semen a lot of good too. Cinnamon also sweetens the semen.
  5. Moderate your alcohol intake as it interferes with the taste of your semen

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