5 Unexpected Health Benefits Of Sperm – For Your Partner

We all agree that the first and foremost reason why sperm is highly appreciated is for reproduction purposes. In fact, when a couple has tried conceiving for a long time without success, medical practitioners recommend semen analysis - especially where no problem has been detected in the woman. However, apart from its usefulness in baby making, sperm offers an array of health benefits to the recipient – whether ingested orally, vaginally or anally. Keep reading to discover five ways in which your partner may benefit from sperm.

It works as an antidepressant

Bad moods are almost becoming a daily occurrence amidst the busy lifestyle that most of us live. The fact that your female partner has more roles to perform in the modern society is irrefutable. Besides taking care of the family, she has several other roles. She is forced to juggle between improving herself (academically and otherwise), and work. With so much on her plate, stress and bad moods are inevitable – not mentioning that sex is usually the last thing on her list of to-do things. If this is her case, show her the importance of the both of you getting intimate more often. Let her know that the content of your ejaculate will get her in the right moods and also get her better prepared for the next day’s activities.

Helps in maintenance of pregnancy

If your partner has ever lost her unborn baby at whichever point of the pregnancy, you must identify with their pain – even though not in totality. The wearer of the shoe knows where it hurts most. Such a woman would do the impossible to prevent possible subsequent losses. If your partner is currently pregnant, you need to get down to those hot sessions more often. Her interaction with your semen, whether vaginally or orally, will go a long way in helping her carry the pregnancy to full term. It is believed that exposure to the father’s sperm while a woman is expectant conditions the immune system of the mother to tolerate the embryo better.

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Gives her quality sleep

The importance of obtaining quality sleep cannot be overemphasized. Good sleep enhances productivity in all aspects of your life. If your partner has been complaining of insomnia and you guys haven’t been getting down to the bedroom business, the culprit is right there staring at you. Have you ever realized that it is easy for her to catch sleep after a session of good sex? It partly has to do with the fact that your semen contains a sleep-inducing agent known as melatonin. You may even want to encourage her to swallow those swimmers to help beat that annoying insomnia.

Prevention of preeclampsia

Besides improving cardio health, semen works wonders as far as prevention of preeclampsia is concerned. Preeclampsia is a disorder that causes dangerous high blood pressure during pregnancy. This is yet another reason why you and your partner need to engage in sexual activities more often when she is pregnant.

Reduces risk of breast cancer

A new research study ongoing at the North Carolina State University appears to suggest a link between semen and breast cancer. Women who engage in fellatio and then swallow the seminal fluid regularly, say once or twice per week, may decrease their chances of suffering breast cancer by up to 40%. The ten-year study involved more than 15,000 women who besides performing fellatio also swallow the semen. The participants who engaged in the act on a regular basis showed a lower occurrence of breast cancer compared to those who didn’t. If the above reasons do not convince her to swallow your semen, I hope this health benefit of sperm will do.

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