Beware Of Cancer Risk If Your Sperm Count Is Low

If a man is suffering from infertility problem due to low sperm count then not only he will fail to produce a baby, but also his life may be in risk. Not producing sperm during ejaculation can even lead to cancer. Medical researchers from the Stanford University School of Medicine have revealed this. They have published recently a paper about Fertility and Sterility. The problem of lack of sperm is called azoospermia, which was detected by the researchers during investigation on few infertile men.

What the researchers have found out

According to medical scientist, if a person is suffering from azoospermia then he is under greater risk of having cancer as compared to those infertile men, who have not been diagnosed with azoospermia.

Further analysis on this aspect revealed that those who are suffering from azoospermia, at much lower age are at a greater risk of having cancer. Particularly if a man is detected with azoospermia at the age below 30, the risk of cancer is considered 8-times more than others.

Another study revealed that people, who are infertile, have 1.7 times more chances of getting cancer as compared to a normal man. Men who have been diagnosed with azoospermia are almost 2.9 times at risk of cancer as compared to any other infertile men.

People, who are infertile, are diagnosed with cancer of many different types. Many of them develop cancer in prostate, brain, stomach, testicular and also cancer in the intestine. Researchers are also trying to find out the correlation between azoospermia and other infertile cases.

What Is Azoospermia?

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In the USA about 4 million people are suffering from infertility. Among them 15 percent people, are in the age bracket of 15 and 45. Out of these people, almost one per cent of them, who are in reproductive age are both infertile and also suffer from azoospermia.

There are two different causes of azoospermia:

· obstructive

· non-obstructive

People who have a problem of obstructive azoospermia are having this problem due to blockage in their testicles, which prevents the path for ejaculation. People who are having non-obstructive azoospermia are because they do not produce sperm in their testis. This can also be due to genetic problem.

Azoospermia is generally diagnosed by doing random analysis on the semen. The test includes complete physical examination and detailed testing in the laboratory. There are few tests conducted by trans-rectal ultrasound.

Testicular azoospermia

Most of the cases of azoospermia fall under this category. Usually, this problem becomes permanent, if it is not treated during early stages. If the condition is less severe then there are some treatments available.

Usually, the treatment of this problem can be done only with surgery. If a man is suffering from obstructive azoospermia, then their sperm can be extracted and women’s egg can be fertilized artificially. However, the risk of cancer is still very much there.

Medical researchers are doing research on azoospermia and trying to find out ways and means to find suitable treatment for such problem.

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