Your Fertility Is Dependant On What You Eat

We all know that by eating nutritious food we remain healthy. However, does our sperm also need healthy food? As per the data available, about 15 to 20 per cent couples have difficulties in having a baby and about thirty per cent among them are due to poor quality of sperm. Yes, sperm quality is certainly dependent upon what we eat and drink. Sperm count may not be linked with our diet, but their quality is certainly related to it.

According to experts, sperm count depends on how many germ cells become sperm cells, which are available in the man’s testicles. However, whether the sperm cells will be able to fertilize the egg successfully in a woman’s womb is dependent upon the food we intake.

DNA damage in sperm

Motility of sperm is dependent upon how well it swims. In men who are fertile, 25 per cent of the sperm cells will move fast in proper direction to fertilize the egg present in women. If motility of the sperm is poor then it is a case of DNA damage. Men’s fertility can be affected due to this DNA damage.

According to medical experts, if 20 per cent of the sperm has DNA damage then chances of pregnancy is very poor. It can also be the reason of miscarriage too. Sometimes, this problem will be transferred to their children as well.

Diet may not be the only reason for DNA damage, the age of a man is also important. However, according to the data available most of the reason for infertility is due to poor diet and nutrition.

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How to get nutritious diet

It is important for a man to eat nutritious food, if he wants his partner to conceive his baby. People who are having difficulty in having baby must take care of their diet. It is important to eat plenty of vegetables, fruits, whole grains and food that contain antioxidants. This can improve the DNA of your sperm as well.

Your food must also contain plenty of minerals and vitamins like vitamin C and E. In order to generate healthy sperm your diet must contain zinc and selenium too. If you take balanced diet then it will contain all the necessary ingredients to improve the quality of your sperm.

Multivitamins can also improve your fertility

In many of the cases, infertility will not be cured with only healthy diet. Quite a few people cannot absorb vitamin from their normal diet due to certain deficiency. Such people must be prescribed multivitamin tablets to cure the deficiency. By taking multivitamin tablets regularly, their sperm DNA can also improve.

In addition to that, they should also take additional supplements of vitamin C and E, zinc and selenium.

Many people also become obese due to bad diet, which can also be a potential reason for infertility. People should also avoid taking excess alcohol and reduce the habit of smoking. Alcohol can seriously affect the quality of your sperm.

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