What Are The Natural Ways To Improve Quality Of Your Semen

Semen is not only essential to have babies, but it also gives men a get deep sense of satisfaction after sexual intercourse by producing good quality semen. There are quite a number of men, who do not have sufficient sexual efficiency to produce good quality semen after sexual performance. The solution to this problem lies by taking proper diet and having good lifestyle.

Many people however think that by taking certain herbal products they can increase the volume and quality of their semen. According to medical researchers, semen is released during ejaculation, if the sexual intercourse is very intense.

Following are few tips that can help you to improve upon your sperm count without taking any medicines or stimulants.

Check your diet

If your sperm count is low then the food that you are eating is responsible for that. In order to produce better quality semen, your diet must contain high protein content, green vegetables, whole grain food, and food that is rich in vitamins. You must desist taking fatty foods, acidic foods, junk foods, bitter and spicy foods. This will not only improve your general health, but also improves your sperm count. In case, you cannot eat food in timely manner due to work pressure then you must take additional vitamin supplements.

Check your bad habits

If you are habitual smoker and drink alcohol regularly then you must either stop this habit or try to reduce it. Alcohol will not only damage your sperm count, but it can also damage your liver. If you have a habit of consuming drugs then you must give up this habit. This will not only help you to produce good quality semen, but your overall health will also improve.

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Do light exercise

You must do regular exercise everyday to keep yourself active. Even 30 minutes of light exercise daily can improve your sperm quality. Your blood circulation will also improve with exercise. However, you must avoid cycling.

Try to lose weight

If you have the problem of excess weight, then include exercise in your daily routine to lose weight. By changing your lifestyle as mentioned above, you will automatically lose your weight.

Wear lose cloths

If you wear tight undergarments then your testicles will get heated up. This will damage the sperm in your testicles. You must also avoid wearing tight jeans, as this will also produce similar effect on your testicles. Wear lose cotton cloths, which help in improving the quality of your semen.

Avoid hot baths

It is important for the temperature of your testicles to be lower than your body temperature. Therefore, you must avoid taking sauna bath or hot bath on regular basis. By taking hot bath, your body temperature will increase, which will also raise the temperature of your testicles.

Take natural supplements

You can get many natural supplements and vitamin tablets in the market, which will help you to improve your sperm quality without any side effects. These products must be natural and herbal.

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