What Are The Factors Causing Infertility? How You Can Overcome This Problem?

Usually, people blame women if the couple is not able to become parents even after having normal sexual life. However, the fact is that infertility can also be due to shortcomings in men. In fact, the condition of both male and female is responsible for not producing baby even after normal conjugal life spent together.

If the couple cannot produce baby even after unprotected sexual intercourse, for more than a year, then the condition is considered to be infertile. According to the latest data, about 35 to 40 per cent of male population is responsible for infertility. Women are also having equal share in terms of percentage and rest is due to certain unknown causes.

What are the main causes of male infertility?

Following are few well-known reasons of causing infertility among men:

  • Lower sperm count

  • Slow motility (movement) of sperm

  • Abnormal morphology (size and shape of sperm)

  • Problems with semen

    Most of the specialists will be able to establish the reason for infertility. There are number of factors that can cause this condition. It can be either lifestyle of the person or the problem is present in his genes or it can also be physiological. All these factors can influence the sperm count, its mobility and can lead to abnormal shape.

    Some tips to improve male fertility

    In addition to treatment by doctors for infertility, by making certain changes in lifestyle, you can bring improvement in male infertility and this increases the chances of conception. These tips are useful for a normal person too.

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  1. Stop or reduce smoking

    If you want to increase your sperm count and also improve upon your sperm mobility then you must give up smoking. People who take marijuana should also stop taking to prevent abnormal development in sperm.

  2. Reduce intake of alcohol

    Alcohol can be a potential cause for reduced sperm count and therefore you should either give up drinking or reduce its quantity.

  3. Watch your weight

    Overweight or underweight can also lead to infertility. There can be hormonal disturbances in people, who are overweight while the underweight people can have low sperm count and reduced functionality.

  4. Do light exercises

    Too much of exercise can also reduce your sperm count and therefore you must only do light exercises. You must avoid taking any steroid, which may shrink your testicles and this can lead to infertility.

  5. Take vitamins

    You must take vitamin and zinc tablets to increase the sperm count. Vitamin E can also improve your sperm quality.

  6. Stay away from environmental toxins

    People who are engaged in construction, manufacturing and similar occupation have to often bear unhealthy environment. You must therefore protect yourself from such toxic environment.

  7. Avoid wearing very tight clothes

    Though it has not yet been proven scientifically, it has been observed that people wearing tight clothes often have difficulty in having children. Therefore, it is better to wear loose clothes.

  8. Maintain healthy life and positive attitude

    This is quite important to improve the chances of having a child soon.

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