Low Semen Count Is Not A Challenging Task

Intimacy is a special feeling, a topic that excites both men and women. Men are concerned about the sperm and semen count for various reasons. Women would want their partner to be hale and healthy, which includes their fertility capabilities. Men would always want to have a fertile and healthy sperms, as it increases the chance of impregnating their partner always.

A shoot of big load always excites and motivates men and women. There are several reasons that might impact your sperm count some of them can be treated while others cannot. It is necessary to opt for a medical treatment and get it properly treated on time. You might need at least a span of 3 days t increase the sperm quality in between two ejaculations.

It is necessary to seek the help of a medical professional, as understanding this concept is not an easy task at all. As the number of couples suffering from infertility is increasing due to various reasons. Thus sperm donation has become quite popular and a feasible option as well. Donors with healthy sperm are motivated to donate their sperms, which can be used by infertile couples.

Donating Sperms:

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As per doctors, the donor is asked not to ejaculate 48 hours prior to the donating time. However the maximum time frame for the same is 4 days. The reason for the same is quite simple. If you abstain from indulging into sex for long time, then there are chances that old sperms might die and mix with the semen fluid.

If you think that you are the only one suffering from infertility, then you are wrong. There are millions of men who suffer from fertility issue, as you do. You can never find a solution, unless you talk to someone about such an issue. Instead of blaming the situation, it is necessary to understand the reason that causes this problem.

There are chances that your body is incapable of producing semen fluid, which is necessary to make you fertile. Diagnosing the issue is not easy, unless you go through proper test that is recommended by the doctors. Due to unhealthy lifestyle and hectic life the number of men suffering from this issue has increased, recently.

Low sperm count is one of the main reasons that causes in fertility in men. Thanks to the latest medical system, this issue can be easily resolved. The importance of semen is quite important from many aspects. Normal count provides enough sexual confidence, which will make you a better performer on bed.

It directly impacts your sexual desire and reduces your libido, which is indeed a bad omen. It is thus recommended to check your semen count and ensure that you are healthy. Treating such a medical disorder is not a difficult task at all. You can either opt for a medical pills, herbal medicines, healthy diet, and adopting a good lifestyle

There are many reasons that causes low semen count and some of them are as follows –

  • Hormonal changes
  • Minimal intake of Vitamins and other ingredients that are quite essential to lead a healthy life
  • Internal injury
  • Excessive smoking and consuming drinks

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