Get Your Semen Analysis Test Done By Doctors

It has been a while now that you both wanted to have a baby, but were unsuccessful. It is a disappointment to see no results, especially when you have tried it for long now. Get an appointment with your doctor, as there is nothing much you can gain by waiting any further. Your doctor might recommend both of you to go through a series of tests, so as to determine the problem.

A semen analysis test is recommended for men. This test is performed to test the sperm count and its quality. Also, the size and shape of the sperm are checked, all these factors matters a lot in checking your fertility rate. A perfectly shaped sperm is capable of swimming easily, which is important for moving forward.

Don’t avoid the test

Almost all men are not comfortable with the thought of getting this check up done. However, it is a must, as doctors can check the quality and quantity of the sperm, and then suggest proper treatment to overcome the problem. The test is simple, however it is recommended to follow the instructions of your doctor for collecting the sample.

The usual way is masturbate and collect the semen in a clean container. Such a thing has to be done in the hospital lab, and is performed under the guidance of the doctor. However, you can perform the task at home as well provided you understand the instructions and follow them correctly.

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Once you have collected the sample, it has to be safely transported to the hospital for testing purpose. However, such a task needs lots of care and efforts. The semen has to be preserved under the mentioned temperature and has to be transported to the hospital, within one hour or else it will be a futile effort. It is suggested to keep them under body temperature, and you can seek your doctor’s guidance for the same.

What is termed as normal sperm count?

Men who have sperm motility between 20 -150 million per ml are termed to have normal sperm counts. The higher the percentage of sperms present in the sample collected, the better. In other words, any count between 6-7 milliliters is termed to be quite normal. The test is basically conducted to check how many sperm are present in your semen.

The other factor that can affect your fertility is the shape of the sperm. About 40 percent of the total sperms are required to be in proper shape and size. A properly shaped sperm is expected to move or swim forth easily.

A good quality sperm has better motility rate, which means they can move easily. During tests, the doctors try to find the way the sperm move. For instance, they are expected to move straight ahead, and not in circular movements. This might create a problem in their movements, which is not a good thing.

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