Exercise Regularly And Increase The Sperm Count

Remaining fit is one of the challenging tasks, especially for men, who have a hectic work schedule. If you have been making excuse of not hitting gym and sweat hard, then it’s time to change your attitude. Exercise helps you in keeping your body and heart fit and fine. You will be more active and suffer from less medical problem.

Regular exercise has helped many men, who are suffering from various sperm related problems. As per a research it has been proved that proper fitness program helps men in improving the quality and quantity of semen. There is no other better way to get rid of your various health related problems.

Benefits of exercise:

You know that exercise is a must to increase and reduce your weight. In addition, it improves blood circulation, your heart health, and keeps you active and vibrant the whole day. If you are overweight or obsessed then there is less chance of impregnating her.

Obesity triggers many health related problems like high blood pressure, diabetics, and low energy. If a person is suffering from these problems, it is not possible to generate quality sperms. Reducing weight becomes imperative and it can be achieved through proper exercise and proper diet chart.

Research Report

As per research, it has been found that proper exercise will not only improve your chances of producing better quality sperms, but will also make them fertile. According to a research report published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine it is proved that active people are always fertile, and do not face any issue when it comes to sperm production.

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The research was carried on almost 189 active men, whose age was between 18 to 22 years. The men who were active and hit the gym regularly had no major problem, as compared to others, who were inactive. Hence, it is suggested to take care of your heath as it will help you to reduce the fertility issue.

Exercise for Stress:

Exercise is the best option to relieve you from stress, which is one of the main factors that cause reduction in the sperm count. It also affects your sexual performance and your fertility. As per the famous author Audrey Gaskins, sperm concentration and the count is considered for checking the male fertility.

It is necessary for both to be in good quantity to be termed fertile. Through different physical activities you will be able to increase the count and its quality. However, it is recommended not to indulge in cycling and running, as these exercises tend to reduce the count.

You can also follow a healthy diet, which has high percent of zinc, proteins, minerals, and calcium. Exercise keeps you protected from oxidative stress, which is one of the major factors that can reduce the sperm production. You need to be very cautious about the temperature, as sperms are quite sensitive.

It is necessary to wear loose fitting garments, especially pants and undergarments. In addition, it is recommended to keep your laptop away from your lap, when you are working, as its temperature can affect the count.

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