Everyday Sex - Strengthens Relationships And Quality Of Sperms

There is no better option than having sex almost every day, to reduce your weight. Intimacy refreshes your mind and keeps your body active. Despite of being aware of this fact there are quite a few men, who prefer spending quality time watching their favorite football league games, chatting with their friends, or preparing a presentation for their work.

All of them are important, however not more than your sexual life. Every day sex has more benefits, associated with it and many men are not aware of this fact. The more you ejaculate the better will it be for your sperm health. Also, it will help you in reducing the DNA damage, which mainly happens due to not so frequent ejaculation.

This is one of the reasons, why s-experts recommend men to indulge more into sexual activities. It also improves your chances of impregnating your partner. When your semen are mobile they can easily enter into her ovaries and fertile it. With every day sex, you can try differ positions and enter deep into her organs and release the loads inside.

DNA damage:

Damaged DNA has greater impact on men and the sperms. In many cases, the problem caused due to it is not repairable, which is indeed a serious matter. An Australian doctor Greening conducted a test on almost 118 men to find the effect of high quantity sperms and the factors that can damage the DNA, which is also known as DNA fragmentation index.

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It was found that approximately 15 % of the damaged sperm were of good quality. As per his report, 15 to 24 percent of such men had good sperm count and less than 30 percent of men had fair count. He quoted that almost 29 percent men had bad or poor quality sperm and DFI. Such a variance in numbers was indeed a matter to be concerned about.

He then asked those men to indulge in sex all days of the week, without opting for any special treatment for the same. In addition, they were recommended to continue with the same lifestyle. This particular test was conducted to check the impact of every day sex on men, who had poor or damaged DNA.

The result

The result after seven days was quite astonishing and good as well. Those men whose 15 percent of DNA was damaged showed a reduction in the number. In addition, the DFI reduced from 98 percent to 81. Such a change was great news for men, who faced lots of problem due to DNA damage.

Benefits of sex:

Regular sex improves the quality of the sperms. Therefore, sex is one of the best ways to improve your sperm count, without undergoing any treatment at all. So, next time you feel the semen count is reduced, you don’t have to panic at all. Rather create a perfect environment and encourage your partner to indulge in sexual acts and enjoy a better health.

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