The Three Main Misconceptions Related To Men’s Fertility Issues

These days, every fourth man is found to have infertility issues. The sterility in men is considered to be a severe problem. It is a common worry, but it can be treated easily. People feel that the changing lifestyle and the food habits are the major cause for this. Mentioned below are some of the main myths and the facts about fertility.

Myth 1: Male fertility is not affected by smoking

Statistics do not lie. Smoking increases the chances of infertility in men by around 30 percent. Expurgating cigarettes are an understandable health advantage, however many do not realize how harmful it can be for male fertility.

  • The American Society for Reproductive Medicine has anticipated that up to 12 to 15 percent of sterility may be caused by the use of tobacco.
  • A report given by the British Medical Association has revealed that the smokers have up to 10 to 40 percent lesser monthly fecundity rate.

These effects are dose dependent that is, it depends upon the number of cigs smoked per day. Puffing as few as five cigarettes per day is associated with lowered fecundity rates in males as well as in females.

Myth 2: Bicycling does not affect fecundity

Before you put your cycle into the garage in anger, this falsehood needs a slight clarification. Sitting on a bike or bicycle for more than 20 minutes continuously, especially wearing the tight bicycle shorts, can increase scrotal temperature and affects sperm manufacturing, but only temporarily.

The reason is the increase in scrotal temperature and not the bicycle riding. This is the reason why men are advised not to go for the hot sauna or tub bath when hoping to have a baby.

Even keeping your laptop on your thighs and pubic area can increase the scrotal temperature, leading to low sperm counts. The solution is:

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  • Take regular breaks from sitting or cycling
  • Choose a seat that is not too hard nor narrow
  • Adjust yourself such that your body weight is on the butt bones

All these preventive measures are essential for proper secretion of semen.

Myth 3: When it is about weight, only obesity lowers down the fertility

Most of you would be thinking that only obesity effects sperm production, vitality, development and motility. The less known truth is that being very skinny can also reduce the sperm count as well. Skinniness is assumed to affect the sperm production as it is linked with malnutrition as well as hormonal imbalances.

Conclusion of the 2008 European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology conference in Barcelona is that - men with a finest Body Mass Index (BMI) of 25 to 30 have a higher level of normal sperm than those, who are either underweight or overweight. If you also have a lower BMI, you should immediately consult a doctor as it can be a probable cause for your sterility.


You should not conclude anything without proper knowledge. It is advisable to always take suggestions of a physician before blaming your woman for not conceiving.

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