Impact Of Impotence On Relationships

Impotence is a condition that affects a majority of men. Only a few brave ones will be able to discuss such issues with their partners and take the necessary steps to resolve them. Not discussing such issues can not only affect your personal life, it can even have a negative impact in your relationships. Impotence can be defined as the inability in achieving erections due to insufficient blood flow to the penis.

How Impotence Creates Emotional Imbalance

Impotence can be caused due to a majority of reasons. Health issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure or cholesterol can add to the condition. Any injury on the penis or the sexual organs can also lead to impotence in men.

On the emotional aspect, sexual abuse or disputes in relationship can lead to stress and depression. Such psychological factors can take a toll on a man’s self confidence and esteem. He might shy away from sexual activities and get frustrated. In extreme cases, men might go into a condition known as anticipatory anxiety where he might experience increased levels of anxiety thinking about the future of his relationship.

How Can Impotence Be Treated

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Depending on the extent of the damage, the right treatment is advised by doctors. When it comes to the emotional aspect of this condition, the main cure is the support of your partner. If you face this issue, you need to sit ad discuss this out with your partner. You might be surprise with what a little bit of love and support from your partner can do to your relationship.

The next step would be to fix up an appointment with your doctor and resolve the issue. They might be able to prescribe you with medications or exercises that can help to improve the blood flow to the penile tissues, leading to stronger and powerful erections.

In serious conditions, they might advise penis surgery or implants. The emotional and psychological problems that arise with this condition can be treated as what we call as sex therapy. Here you get to work with trained and licensed individuals who help to find out the root cause of your problems.

Penile Exercises to Cure Impotence

In addition to the medications and treatments, you can even try to help yourself in your own way. There are a lot of devices in the market that can be used to perform the exercises to cure impotence. Some of the most popular devices used by men are the pumps and rings.

The pumps consist of plastic tubes that need to be placed on the penis shaft. The pump creates a vacuum that draws blood into the penis. When there is sufficient amount of blood in the penile tissues, you can release the ring that comes with the pump to clamp the tube in place. This in turns leads to erections in men.

It is always better to discuss with your doctors on such devices. Any wrong move or excess pressure applied by you with the pump, can cause drastically to your sexual life. If not careful, it can even lead to sexual dysfunction.

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