Retrograde Ejaculation And Virility In Men

Retrograde ejaculation otherwise known as dry orgasm is a condition where men can experience sexual climax without semen ejaculation. It might be quite frustrating for couples trying to conceive which in turn can lead to emotional disturbances in relationships.

What Happens During Retrograde Ejaculation

During a normal ejaculation, the sphincter will begin to contract before men reach orgasm. When this happens, the semen gets pushed out of the urethra where it can enter the fallopian tubes and impregnate the female eggs.

While in the case of retrograde ejaculation, the semen is released, but is redirected into the urinary bladder instead of the urethra. This can make sex very uncomfortable for men as they are not able to satisfy their partners. This can further result in them questioning their virility leading to low self esteem and confidence.

Surgical removal of the seminal vesicles or prostate gland can be an underlying cause of this condition in men. Young men have the stamina or power to reach multiple orgasms, thus leading to the depletion of the seminal fluids. Medication in regard to diabetes or high blood pressure can also lead to retrograde ejaculation in men.

Can Retrograde Ejaculation be Treated

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Yes, retrograde ejaculation can be treated. Doctors will first perform a urinalysis to determine the sperm found in the urine. If this condition is in the initial stages, the doctors will prescribe certain medications that can help in the proper functioning of the bladder sphincter.

Another option available would be surgery. In such cases, the doctors will try to fix the bladder neck that will allow the semen to flow to the urethra. Men might experience low libido levels or erectile dysfunction after the surgery, but these will resolved with time.

Couples trying to conceive can opt for In vitro fertilization. Here, the semen will be extracted from the penis and inserted near the eggs in the women’s uterus. It is always better to discuss such options with your doctor and come up with the best way to resolve them.

Retrograde Ejaculation and Lifestyle Changes

It is always better to stay fit and healthy so that you do not have to worry about such issues in the future. If you are into smoking or drugs, it is high time you quit. Smoking releases harmful radicals that can affect the sperm health and motility.

Adopt healthy eating habits and exercise on a regular basis. Try to include foods that are rich in proteins, zinc and vitamins. Zinc helps in improving the testosterone levels in the body. When there is a healthy amount of testosterone, then it helps to increasing the semen quality and sperm count.

Try to maintain a balance between your professional and personal life. If you are constantly stressed out, consult your doctor or join counseling sessions. If your sexual issue has already affected your relationship, then try to make it up to your partner.

Talk to her and tell her what you are going through. If she loves you, she will understand and be a guiding force in your life. Try coming up with new ways to improve your sex life.

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