Alcohol Reduces Fertility Impacting The Potency Of Conceiving

For centuries, it has a custom to drink a glass of alcohol (wine or beer), which has no prevalent reports of grave fertility issues. This is the reason that females might think, it is alright to consume alcohol, while trying to conceive.

Generally, a glass of beer or wine has 15g or half an ounce of alcohol. One occasional drink is excused, but if the person takes more than it reduces fertility potency. Four drinks daily is regarded as moderate abuse but more than 8 drinks regularly are reflected as alcoholism.

Impact of alcohol abuse on women fertility

Women fertility is affected powerfully by alcohol in many different ways like -

  • Infertility
  • In case she gets pregnant there is a risk of miscarriage, birth defects or pre-term birth
  • It is also capable to damage the foetus instigating abnormalities in its growth and development
  • Causes secondary amenorrhea ( no menstruation condition for at least 6 months)
  • Anovulation (ovulation deficiency)
  • Luteal phase defect ( irregular development of endometrium lining, where fertilized egg gets implanted and develops)
  • Hyperprolactinemia ( profound increase of prolactin levels in your blood)

Progesterone and estrogens hormones are vital component for woman’s fertility that gets targeted by alcohol.

A worst scenario is when the baby is born with foetal syndrome its results are permanent mental retardation, behaviour disturbances, growth deficiency, and abnormal facial appearance.

If you have decided to get pregnant it is wise to abstain from alcohol to avoid the harmful ill effects. If you are pregnant then it is imperative to refrain from drinking completely until childbirth. Even for an extended time in case you are breast-feeding.

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Effect of alcoholism on male fertility

Alcohol consumption disturbs the liver functions giving a boost to estrogens level. This in turn hinders the hormone balance and sperm development. Alcohol is toxin with an ability to kill or deform the sperm cells in the testes.

Moderate drinking makes it difficult to conceive. It shrinks the quality and quantity of healthy sperm. Moreover, testosterone levels get decreased. Testosterone is a sex hormone responsible for stimulating the sex organs and reduction can cause low libido leading to impotency.

Male alcoholism can direct to:

  • Infertility
  • In case if the couple does conceive then the child is at a risk of birth defects
  • The child has vulnerable immune system, prone to hormone disturbances
  • Erectile dysfunction

The male infertility side effects can be reversed, but you have to stay away from alcohol. If the male has low sperm count, he can stop drinking alcohol for minimum period of three months allowing the sperm to develop. Later have a semen analysis to see his sperm quality and quantity changed.

Healthy lifestyle

General Key to guard your fertility is to live a healthy lifestyle. It comprises of consuming a healthy and rich-diet. Perform moderate exercise to maintain your weight and some meditation to eliminate the daily stress.

Drink plenty of water to remain hydrated, which is vital for sperm production. Take supplements to enhance your reproductive organ after consulting a doctor. Couples planning to conceive must get their bodies balanced, which can make a genuine difference to fertility.

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