Alcohol And Drug Abuse Are Detrimental To Sperm Production

Government and social organizations are often on a move, planning campaigns to create awareness regarding the addiction of alcohol and drugs. The negative effects of illicit drugs and alcohol affects your nervous system, which makes you completely helpless.

Harmful effects of drugs and alcohol

  • Too much intake of drugs & alcohol can ground grave health issues including heart failure, kidney failure, liver damages, and respiratory issues
  • Overdose of Heroin or Cocaine can prove to be fatal
  • Moreover, illegal drugs have played a prime role in spreading deadly disease – HIV
  • People, who depend on drugs, cannot do without it all. The number of cases suicide due to drugs has tremendously increased recently
  • If female use illicit drugs & alcohol, it can gravely affect the health of the fetes
  • In man it affects male fertility
  • Males drinking heavily are unable to maintain their erections

Males finding hard to conceive their partner are advised to change their diet habits and abstain from drug and alcohol abuse. This helps them to enhance their sperm motility, quantity, and quality. This article exhibits the harmful effects of alcohol and spirited drugs on male reproductive organ.

Alcohol and male infertility

Majority of alcoholic beverages have a component called ethanol that directly damages the liver and the testes. Due to ethanol’s adverse effect testicular fibrosis (scarring) and testicular atrophy (tissue damage) is commonly diagnosed in chronic alcoholics. The body’s capacity to create amino acids necessary for cell development gets impaired.

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Testosterone is essential sex hormone that enhances sex drive and sperm production. Excessive consumption of alcohol decreases the level of testosterone in males. Subsequently the quantity of sperm also reduces.

The quality of the sperm also gets degraded because your body cannot absorb zinc naturally. This is caused due to alcohol in your blood stream. Zinc is a necessary mineral liable to form the tail and outer layer of sperm cells. Tails of sperm must be strong to allow it to move forward rapidly and reach the female egg for fertilization.

Zinc deficiency affects the sperm quality. Therefore intake of alcohol is associated with abnormal sperm production, with malformed head and tails. Deformed sperm are incapable to reach the egg or if it penetrates there is likelihood of miscarriage.

If there is success in conceiving the child will have compromised immune response - more prone to hormonal and behavioural disturbances.

Recreational drugs and male infertility

All the three recreational drugs negatively affect male fertility. Narcotics impair your hormone production. LH or luteinizing hormone synthesises testosterone, which is secreted by the Leydig cells that lies besides the seminiferous tubules. Testosterone should be present in large quantity during spermatogenesis process. But narcotic abuse disturbs the hormone production.

Frequent use of Marijuana and cocaine causes to produce sperms with poor health quality. Sperm cells are weak they have difficulty in swimming and incapable to penetrate the egg.

Other sources of male fertility issue

Tobacco and its toxin causes 23% reduction in sperm quantity and 13% decline in motility. Caffeine is also said to have an adverse effect. Anabolic steroid is popularly used to build muscles but it severely diminishes production of sperm. Therefore it is vital for youths to understand that momentary pleasure or relief offered by alcohol and drugs can place their reproduction health at risk.

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