You Might Have Never Known About These Sperm Killers

Most women release around 300 to 400 eggs all through their lifetime. Men, on the other hand, are capable of producing millions of sperm in a day. Now with such facts, isn’t it quite shocking to know that almost in 30 percent of total cases, where couples are unable to conceive a child, the male partners are responsible? No it need not be, as there are innumerable factors that can affect your sperm health. Besides, during the whole long period of two and a half months that sperm take to mature, these are vulnerable to damages.

No wonder, men have always been significantly responsible for inability in conceiving a child. However, men’s reproductive systems are not as complex as women’s system. Besides, once you know the factors that might affect your fertility, you can always avoid those if you are planning to conceive a child. To add to it, you can also decide about the right time to plan for conceiving, like just after you have recovered from a long fever.


At times, Kurt Wharton, infertility specialist, San Francisco, is right in predicting that his patients, who complain of inability in conceiving a child, might have suffered from an illness for quite some time. Yes, a prolonged illness or fever can always be one of the significant reasons for the inability in conceiving child.

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In fact, sperm concentration can decrease by almost 35 percent, after a fever. Of course, it would then need a considerable time to recover. Hence, it is always advisable to avoid planning a child just after you had a prolonged fever.

Cell Phones and Laptops

It has always been heard that one need not keep his cell phone in his trouser’s pockets, as it is harmful in many ways. Yet, you might have never bothered about such suggestions. No, you are not alone, as most do the same. However, you might avoid it the next time, after knowing that it can be a threat to your fertility too. A 2008 study revealed that, keeping your cell phones in your pocket could lower your sperm count, its morphology and motility. Hence, why not keep it in your briefcase or bag instead?

Before you get to know about the relevance of using laptop on your lap and the possibility of infertility, you need to know that heat exposure is one of the greatest threats to your sperm. Possibly, it is the only reason why nature has endowed men with their testicles outside their body, so that it is not exposed to your body temperature. Hence, you should not keep your laptop on your body to avoid any such heat exposure to your testicles.

Varicose Veins

Now, this might come to you as something you have never known. Surprisingly, around 15 percent of the total male population has varicose veins on their scrotum that is usually in their left testicle. Hence, if you have a low sperm count, you need to consult your physician and he might recommend you a treatment for this condition.

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