When A Man Comes To Know That He Can’t Be A Father

Usually, when a couple is not able to conceive a child, even after numerous attempts, people think that the woman has some medical problem. People around are always more than eager to suggest her medical tests and other several things to go for. Of course, it has always been emotionally disturbing and awful situation for a woman to come across. The situation gets more emotional for a woman, when the medical reports are not in her favour. However, what about the male partner, how does he react to it, and most significantly how does he feel about it?

As a matter of fact, men have always been expected to be emotionally strong, and less sensitive to subjects like infertility and the feeling of not being able to conceive a child. However, the fact is that it’s equally depressing and emotionally awful for those men too when the report say that their wives can’t conceive a child. Ok, with that said, have you ever given a thought on how a man feels when he comes to know that he himself and not his woman has the medical issue.

As per the data, in 30 percent of those unfortunate cases, it’s the men who have some medical issue. Thus, how does such a medical report affect a man, and how does he try to be ‘strong’, while being emotionally shattered deep inside?

They Are Left With Their Shattered Ego

As always, a man’s ability to fertilize his woman’s egg is entailed as an element that defines his masculinity. Hence, when a man is reported as infertile, the very first thing that gets shattered is his ‘male-ego’. He feels embarrassed about himself and humiliated, even though there actually is no reason to feel like that.

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Above all, he feels that his woman might think less of him, and it might also lead to a strain in their relationship. As a matter of fact, it can be one of the most guilt-full, shattering, and psychologically awful experience for a man.

Giving Up Some Dreams Isn’t That Easy

Being a man, one has always realized his responsibility to continue his genetic line, passing on his family name and his family genes. Besides, these things are highly emotional for any man. However, with the only feeling that it may not be possible now, can change everything.

Giving up his dream of raising his child with love and care, of experiencing fatherhood, and most significantly by having a complete family, isn’t that easy.

They Wish To Talk About It, But Can’t

What can be more painful experience than this, when you can’t just let something out of you that you desperately wish to? Men simply can’t be that open to discuss about their emotional dilemmas, especially in such context, with their partners, friends, or family.

Hence, they wish to just let their pain out, but they can’t help it. They try to face it alone, and of course that can be really painful.

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