What To Do If You Think You Have Testicular Cancer?

Testicular cancer is quite common, so you should be cautious if you find any abnormality in your scrotum. In fact, testicular cancer can be a great threat to your fertility. Besides, it might be shocking for you to know that even the treatment for the same can be harmful to your fertility. However, this fear of future infertility with treatment need not be your excuse for not reporting any such symptom to a doctor.

The more testicular cancer spreads, the more harmful it can be to your fertility. Hence, you are more likely to experience infertility issues if you let it grow unchecked. Hence, the sooner your report it, the better it is. Now, with that said, firstly, it is most important to know the symptoms of testicular cancer and check for the same.

Usual Symptoms Of Testicular Cancer

As per the experts, there are a few common symptoms of testicular cancer, which can be checked by men themselves. Any growth or lump in your testicles, an intense sensation or pain in your scrotum, abdomen, or groin, a fluid-pocket collected in your testicles, or any pain/swelling in your breast area, can be a symptom of testicular cancer.

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It is always advisable to check your testicles for such signs, and in case you notice it, you need to report it as soon as possible to an expert. Even if you find the symptoms are not visible or noticeable, you should not take any chance.

Cryopreservation To Retain Your Fertile “Resource”

Ok, so if the reports reveal that you have testicular cancer then it does not mean an end to your dreams of fathering a child. Yes, there are threats to your fertility with the passage of each and every day. Besides, at such times, the foremost priority of a man is to get his cancer treated, and then to think about their future fertility. However, what if, you can preserve your “resource” now. Is it possible? Of course, it is, with the advancements in the modern science and technology.

It can be shocking and emotionally disturbing for you to be reported with testicular cancer. However, you can now get yourself treated and retain your fertile “resource” too. Men like you are advised to go for cryopreservation, a method where you can keep your sperm deep-frozen for years. This sperm can then be used in the future to impregnate your woman through IVF or IUI technique. Isn’t it amazing?

What To Except From The Treatment Options

There can be threats to your fertility with the treatment for testicular cancer. Yet, you need to know that while treating it, experts try their best to protect a man’s ability to enjoy his sex life afterwards and his dream of parenting a child. Hence, with most of these treatment options you may expect that you will be able to attain firm erections even in the future. Besides, at times, patients have also regained their fertility in the long run, after they were treated.

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