You Must Know Few Facts And Myths About Infertility

Whenever couples find it difficult to conceive, women are blamed for such a situation. However it has been found that in more than fifty percent of cases, it is man's infertility that triggers this problem. Instead of blaming each other it is recommended that both of them opt for a medical check-up.

Read this article to understand some of the common myths related to male infertility. Such a problem can be treated, without any complications.

Some facts about male infertility

There are various reasons that can cause this problem in men. A thorough medical check-up is a must, as it will let you know the real cause of the problem. Based on the report the infertile partner can opt for a better treatment that will help you to get rid of the problem. Not many men believe that they could have a problem, which is a wrong perception.

In some cases, the infertility among men is mainly caused due to high temperature of their testicles. The high temperature and its variation can permanently or temporarily damage the sperm. However the problem is not serious and can be easily treated medically. Post treatment, there are fair chances that couples will be able to conceive.

Varicocele is the other reason that causes infertility men. In this problem, men usually suffer from reduced sperm production. It also causes lower mobility and creates various issues related to sperm function.

In addition to that, men infertility can also be caused due to hormonal issues, infections, and blockage. Unhealthy habits like excessive alcohol, tobacco smoke, and certain medications and drug can cause this problem.

Few myths about male infertility

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You might come across lots of information, and more than half of them are true. It becomes necessary to differentiate between myths and facts. It is quite easy to believe in myths, but it will not provide you with any resolution at all.

Another interesting myth about infertility is when men think that that different sexual position causes this problem. This is completely baseless as there is no proof to this particular logic. Different sexual position will help them in transporting their sperms into her productive organs.

Many people recommend consuming certain traditional medicines that will treat the issue of infertility. However, there is no scientific evidence available for this. Many people also think that by wearing tight clothes can impact your sperm count. However detailed studies have proven that tight pant or underwear, does not affect your sperm count.

How to treat infertility among men

It is possible to treat man's infertility by consuming proper medicine, and in some cases through surgery. If you want to avoid surgery then you can also opt for natural infertility treatment, which has helped hundreds of men.

Some of the natural treatment includes -

  • Avoiding cigarette, alcohol and drugs
  • Eating healthy and nutrient diet
  • Taking fertility herbs

With natural treatment your body and mind becomes healthy. Therefore natural treatment not only cures infertility, but also improves various body functions.

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