Men Face Risk Of Cancer Due To Low Production Of The Semen

Many studies have proved that the risk of cancer in men has increased tremendously. The research work conducted by the Stanford University School of Medicine, revealed a shocking fact. Men, who were below the age of 30 years and had complained about low semen production, were more prone to cancer. The low production of semen during ejaculation is also known as azoospermic.

Reasons for men being affected by azoospermic

As per the study there are two main reasons, as to why men suffer from azoospermic, and which are as follows -

  • Obstructive azoospermic: This mainly occurs when the testis is not able to ejaculate the sperms produced
  • Non – Obstructive azoospermic: Here the testis is not able to produce enough sperms, to ejaculate. This occurs due to some genetic disorder

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However, it had been noticed that most men suffers from non-obstructive azoospermic.

The ratio of male infertility rate in the United States

Different studies shows that men in the United States of America, aged between 14 to 45 years are majorly affected by infertility issues and azoospermic. There are around 4 million men in America, constituting around 15% of the total population, who suffers from infertility. Around 60,000 of them suffer from azoospermic.

Most of the analysis and studies which has been conducted by Eisenberg has been done at the study at Stanford. He has collected all the data’s from the Baylor College of Medicine, which is situated in Houston and Texas Cancer Registry.

Eisenberg goes on to inform about the causes of the testicular cancer and the reason why they are high in men. The infertility problem in men is one of the main reasons that cause serious problems in men. In some cases, if the issue is not cured or treated properly on time, then it can increase the risk of testicular cancer.

Research conducted by Eisenberg

Eisenberg conducted quite a few researches to find the relevance and connectivity between the infertility and azoospermic, among the men residing in the United States of America. In the research, there were a total number of 2,238 infertile men. These men were being treated at the Baylor andrology clinic, in between 1989 to 2009. The average age of the men was 35.7, when they were evaluated for the first time for the reason behind their infertility.

The research on those men proved that among the total number, 1,781 did not suffer from infertility problem at all. However 451 of the men had azoospermic issue. Other than this, there was no other difference among the men. The men suffering with azoospermic, were examined and kept in track of for 6.7 years. It was seen that among the 2,238 men, 29 of them were already affected by cancer, over a period of 5.8 years.

Eisenberg inform us through his research that there is a high risk of young men suffering from cancer due to infertility. Thus it is necessary to diagnose the problem and get the best treatment so as to lead a healthy and normal life.

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