How Does The Quality Of The Sperm Quality Matters

Men usually find it quite difficult to accept the fact that their sperm count is quite low and incapable of impregnating her. The fertility concept is a sensitive issue and needs to be dealt professionally. There are many things that men are concerned about when it comes to their sexual traits. Apart from the penis size, they have to worry about their sperm counts, the quality, and its life span.

All these factors make them fertile and more productivity. Instead of avoiding the issue, it is recommended to find the exact reason for such problem and cure it. Not many men usually don’t tend to discuss about such an issue, as they fear that their friends will wrongly assume them. Common guys, talk about the issue with your doctor, as they will help you better option to cure it.

A Healthy Sperm Count:

Instead of dwelling in myths, it is recommended that you research and find the right information about such a topic. A normal sperm count is 20, 000,000 per ml. any men whose sperm count less than this number, is termed to be suffering from low sperm count. Not always this condition is termed to be a serious and non-curable issue.

The doctor might recommend the best treatment that will boost the sperm count. There are quite a few unfortunate men who suffer from azoospermic, which means that they have no sperm at all. They might be healthy, and it is quite difficult to diagnose the situation, unless you consult a doctor.

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Your sperm is usually expected to swim comfortably and enter into her body, in order to impregnate her. The problem arises when it doesn’t float and reaches its destination. There can be several reasons for such a problem.

Shape of the Sperm or Morphology:

The size and shape of the sperm does have an impact on its quality. If you have an oval shaped one then it is always considered to good and makes you more fertile. Under microscopic view you can view a mi-piece and long straight tail attached to the sperm. If your sperm meets all these criteria, then it is termed to be healthy and perfect for conceiving your partner.

The quality of your sperm can be differently graded, based on the quality. Grade ‘A’ is the first one on this list. Such type’s sperms are capable of swimming forward and directly reach out to her fertile eggs. In other words, such men are considered to be fertile. Slow progressive or Grade ‘B’ swims forward, but not straight. It either moves in a crooked line, slowly, or curved manner.

Non Progressive or Grade ‘C’ are quite different than the above two. They have a similar look, but usually don’t change their location, which is quite important to be termed as fertile. The last one is known as immotile, which doesn’t move at all. This is the most serious issue, where men are not considered to be fertile at all.

Sometimes semen infection can make you infertile, which is a serious concern. There are several sperm testing methods that will help the doctors determine the actual reason for this issue.

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