Know Interesting Facts About Using Laptops On Your Sperm

There are many factors that can impact your sperm count. Some of the factors are controllable, while others are not. If a low sperm count is hereditary then there is nothing much you can do about it, except to get yourself treated for this condition. There are quite a few things that are strictly recommended not to be done, as it directly affects the sperm quality.

Sperms are quite sensitive and can be affected by many things. Men usually are not aware of the facts, and ignorantly damage the sperm quality. As per some research work it has been proved that the radiation waves emitted from laptops and your mobile phone are quite harmful to your sensitive sperms.

Various reasons

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There has been an increase in the number of cases where men were not able to produce healthy sperm for a simple fact that it is damaged. Some of the common problems related to low or no sperm counts are chromosome defects, hormonal imbalances, and others. All you men who love to smoke a lot beware of the fact that it can badly damage the quality of your sperm, and sometimes can make you infertile.

Also, men who work in chemical factories expose themselves to radiations, and others are more prone to suffer from this problem, as compared to others. Even a small thing like your bicycle seat can damage your sperm quality. Thus, you need to be careful while indulging in all these activities.

Research works

As per a research conducted in the year 2012, it was concluded that laptop radiation wave is capable of making them infertile. The head of research team in Argentina, Dr. Conrado Avendano conducted the research on 29 healthy and fertile men. They were tested for their sperm after being exposed to Wi-Fi radiation and it was seen that the waves had already impacted it.

The test was conducted before and after the exposure to the radiation waves. Almost 25 percent of the sperms that were exposed to Wi-Fi waves stopped moving or swimming, which indeed was a concern. 14 percent of the controlled group completely stopped swimming around.

DNA fragmentation is another concern related to the radiation waves. The damage caused due to this is too serious, and in many cases cannot be rectified at all. It is understood that you have to work a lot on a laptop, and there is nothing that you can do about it. However, you can take proper steps to protect yourself and your sperm quality.

The best thing to do will be to keep the laptop away from your testicles, so that it doesn’t affect your fertility at all. You can place them on a table or take another support. This will stop the radiation waves from entering into the body and cause any damage. Always, try to keep them away from your lap, which is a common practice amongst you men. Also, the emission of waves without Wi-Fi was considerably less, as compared to the Wi-Fi connection. Constant laptop usage causes problems like scrotal hyperthermia, which is related to the testicle temperature. It usually happens when you keep your laptop on your lap and work for hours together.

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