Increase Semen Volume To Intensify Your Orgasm

Humans have been obsessed with the power of the male penis. It has been a prominent symbol of masculinity, strength, power, and success. The penis has been in debate all over the world – focus is given mainly on penis size, erection ability and lasting power. All these actually associates with the final moment – orgasm. In fact, the actual goal is to achieve mind blowing climax. Semen volume is also important because it isn't just deepening orgasm, but also affects many phases of sexual uniqueness and pleasure.

Role of semen

Usually, semen volume is between 2 to 6 ml. An average male produces 3 ml of semen during ejaculation. Remember that as you age you lose about 0.03 ml every year. Roughly ½ of the semen is added to the prostate. Here the ejaculatory tubes get filled, during stimulation. These tubes appear like missiles ready to launch.

Your PC muscles contract on orgasm and deliver the fluid from the seminal vesicles in testes for the ultimate long lasting explosion. However, greater contractions are required for forcing the large amount of cum from the penis. The intensity of orgasm is based on the strength of contractions – a strong contraction indicates better coitus.

In order to increase semen load men take volume supplements. Many guys avoid it because they think it is useless. Research has reported that releasing large ejaculation offers mind blowing orgasm to both – male and female.

Advantages of increased cum volume

Enhance your physical and psychological health by elevating semen volume.

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Intensified orgasms – increased semen quantity leads to longer, firmer, and forceful orgasms. It is more satisfying to males because of long duration.

Confidence and satisfaction – semen enhancement gives a big boost to self-confidence and satisfaction. For centuries, men have linked semen loads to better sexual performance.

Increase in virility and fertility – Large ejaculation boosts the procreation capability. With more volume the sperms are well-fed and healthy. Healthy sperms can successfully impregnate your spouse quickly. Therefore, if you are planning a baby, it is wise to boost your seminal fluid enhancing its motility, quantity, and quality for creating a healthy baby.

How semen supplements work?

Semen volume pills are a unique mixture of organic elements, which are intended to enhance sex drive, sexual stamina, and maximize cum loads during orgasm. Semen production increases and during stimulation PC muscles forcefully push harder and pump out all the seminal fluid.

The pills target the glands that are responsible to produce sperm and semen. The glands get assistance from the specific ingredients and create more fluid. Testosterone production also gets elevated, which is a sexual hormone that makes them feel manly as well as adds to the firm and longer erections. The blood supply to your genitals is increased, which can be instantly viewed by your partner. It will feel hard and provide her with more satisfaction. She is sure to beg for more.

Still hesitant!

Well, the only way to clear it is to try using semen enhancement pills yourself. Why just sit and desire to have a better sex life? Take action and experience an intensified orgasm together – give her the pleasure, she deserves.

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