Infertility Issue – Whom To Blame?

There are many things that men bother about, when it comes to sexual endurance. At first, they worry about the size of their penis, and spend valuable time finding if they have a normal or micro-sized manhood. Unlike the earlier days, today men prefer getting detailed information about their tool. The same goes with other things related to their sexual performance.

Libido is another thing that worries them always. They are charged and excited to do something new with their partner in bed. Suddenly, they realize their tool is not good enough to perform and enjoy the act thoroughly. It affects their confidence, when such things happen consistently. In medical terms, there are psychological and health related reasons for such occurrence. Some might have a hereditary history.

It is quite obvious that you don’t like discussing such a thing with anyone, no matter how close you are with him/her. Advanced medical science has helped many men suffering from such incapability. However, it is necessary that you speak to your doctor about the same. Reduction of sexual libido needs to be treated properly or else it can lead to some serious problem.

Libido Related Problem:

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You and your partner have enjoyed unprotected sex and are long waiting for good news. It is then you realize that something is wrong with either one of you. Men usually tend to blame their partner for such an issue, as it is quite hard for them to accept the fact. The problem can be with them, so make an attempt to find the reason for the same.

Infertility can be caused due to low sperm mortality and count, and can cause serious problem. Quite a few of them experience either one of the problem, while other unfortunate men suffer from both the issues. Your doctor might recommend the best treatment that will help you to cope up with such a problem.

Normally, the sperm count in men ranges between 40 – 300 million per millimeter of ejaculation. If anyone has less than 20 million sperms per milliliter then it is a major problem. It is necessary to understand the reason for the problem, so that it can be treated accordingly. The term sperm mortality is completely different.

It mainly refers to the sperm movements to the Fallopian tubes, the place where it fertilizes the egg. If due to any medical reasons such movement doesn’t happen then it is a matter of concern for men. If your sperm mortality is 50 percent or more then it is considered to be safe. Anything less than the specified percent in medical terms is known as low sperm mortality. Unless you consult a doctor, you wouldn’t know what exactly the problem is.

Causes of Such Problem

There are numerous reasons that can cause this problem. Extreme heat, generic problem, and some sort of infection can trigger this issue. Doctors can recommend the best treatment that will cure such a problem. It can be treated through proper medicines or natural therapy. If nothing works, then you can try treatments like IVF and ICSI, which has helped millions of couples across the world.

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