Don’t Let Low Sperm Count Impact Your Sexual Life

Parenthood is bliss, and one of the most awaited moments for every couple. You and your partner may be happy with your sexual performance, but still you might feel that there is something missing. Your world turns upside down, when you suddenly realize that your sperm count is much lower than the normal count. Until a couple of years of back, such a medical disorder was indeed a concern, but it is no longer.

Infertility or low sperm counts are of two types, namely oligospermia and azoospermia. You don’t have to worry about anything, unless your sperms are lower than 15 million per millimeter of semen. There are several reasons that cause this issue, like lifestyle, habits, climate, and many others.

If you are unsuccessful in conceiving your partner, despite making numerous efforts, then consult your doctor. The medical profession will also help you to cope with various issues like low sex drive, erection issue, and pain or swelling in your sensitive area. Such problems have to be dealt with, on top priority basis.

There are no obvious signs, but you need to check yourself medically, if you suspect anything abnormal. This problem in some cases can be hereditary. Testicle and prostrate problem can also cause this problem.

The Reasons for Low Sperm Count:

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There are many reasons that can cause such a problem. Your tool is a delicate organ and needs much care. Any infection in this area, will directly impact your sperm count, which is surely not a healthy thing to happen. Men suffering from Chlamydia and gonorrhea, usually face difficulty in impregnating their partner. Mumps and urinary tract are other things that will make you less fertile.

Whatever the case might be, it is recommended that you consult an s-expert, who will diagnose the severity of the issue. With proper medicines and treatment, such a medical issue can be cured or controlled effectively. The anatomy of sperm production is quite complex. Your reproductive organ like testicles, hypothalamus, and pituitary glands need to function properly.

The sperms are originally produced in the testicles and it gets mixed with semen and then transported to your penis. There shouldn’t be any problem with the whole thing or any of the process. You wouldn’t know the issue, unless the doctor conducts some test on you to find the exact reason for the same.

Impact of Cancer

Tumors no matter whatever their size might be are not good for your health. The issue is more serious when it develops in your reproductive area. Such a medical issue can be cured through radiation, surgery, and chemotherapy.

Inhaling too much of chemical toxins like herbicides, pesticides, painting materials, benzenes, and others can directly reduce your sperm count. Cancer treatment like radiations and x-rays can directly impact your fertility. It is recommended not to wear tight undergarments and avoid frequent sauna and hot water bath.

High temperature directly affects your scrotum, which is not good at all. Smoking, drugs, and alcohol will reduce testosterone levels and will decrease your sperm count.

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